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Chick Brooder Starter Kit

Chick Brooder Starter Kit

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  • Model: WA 15004
  • Manufactured by: Ware Pet


Our Chick Brooder Kit is ideal for starting off your Backyard flock. The kit comes with all the equipment you will need except food, water, and litter. Our "chick corral" is 18" high and when set-up forms a circle over three feet in diameter (or smaller if desired). The ceramic socket brooder lamp comes equipped with an inline dimmer control for heat regulation and clamp for hanging. A 100 watt Infrared Spot bulb is included for a heat source. A one quart water Fount and a feeder are also included.
Be sure to order your brooder kit early so you can be set-up and ready for your Chicks arrival. Your local feed store will have chick starter for your new peeps. We suggest a shaving type bedding such as Horse Stall Bedding, it easy to clean up, very economical and composts well.

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