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Chick-Bator Mini Incubator

Chick-Bator Mini Incubator

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  • Model: GQ 09100
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • Manufactured by: GQF Manufacturing


Chick Bator Incubator

Has a clear dome for 360 degree viewing. Hatching temperature is maintained by a 110-volt light bulb assembly. A thermometer, and instructions are included. The Chick-Bator holds Aprox. 3 chicken eggs,4 pheasant eggs, 2 turkey or duck eggs, 8 quail eggs. Great for small hatches and classroom projects
Size: approx. 7" diameter, 6" high.
The Chick-Bator incubator requires manual egg turning 3 times a daily, manual temperature monitoring and adjustment. We recommend adult supervision with this unit to ensure hatching instructions are followed carefully. Hatching rates will vary, normal hatch rates for this model are 50-60% when instructions are followed closely. As with any incubator due to variables beyond our control, successful hatching is not guaranteed.

Instructions for Chick-Bator Mini Incubator Click Here.