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Stanfield Heat Pads (Pig Blankets)

Stanfield Heat Pads (Pig Blankets)

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  • Model: ST 1824 - S303


Stanfield Heat Pads (Pig Blankets)

Stanfield Heat pads provide reptiles with a heat surface 30-30 degrees F above ambient temperature. These durable pads are constructed of specially fiberglass protected by a heavy duty plastic outer shell, providing safe, clean, uniform, dependable warmth for your critters. Stanfield heat pads are made for indoor or outdoor use, they work great in Tortoise houses (with a heat controller), simple to clean just hose off!
These pads are made to be used bare, do not cover with bedding.
Stanfield Pads may be used with any heat controller.

Available in the following sizes/wattages:

ST S1B3 Heat Pad 12" x 36" 80W
ST S1B4 Heat Pad 12" x 48" 100W
ST 1824 Heat Pad 18" x 24" 100W
ST S203 Heat Pad 24" x 36" 125W
ST S1B5 Heat Pad 12" x 60" 140W
ST S303 Heat Pad 36" x 36" 200W
ST S304 Heat Pad 36" x 48" 260W
ST S2B4 Heat Pad 24" x 48" 200W
ST S2B5 Heat Pad 24" x 60" 290W

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